Our Requirements

We are providing free and quality education through our various centres which are located in rural as well as urban areas.Currently, we are operating 10 centres and providing education to more than 600 kids.Our mission is to open up to 50 centres by the end of 2017. We have following requirements in our centres to ensure proper functioning. Per kid cost 170Rs please click here to see in details.

Educational Tools requirements for students:

item Name Requirement per student Total Value
copy 2 per month 1200
pencil 2 per month 1200
Eraser 1 per month 600
Sharpener 1 per month 600
Drawing Book 1 per year 600
School Bag 1 per year 600
color Box 1 per 3 months 2400(yearly)

Other Requirements at our centres:

item Name Requirement per student Total yearly Value
Regular Teacher Pay 2000 Rs per month 2,40,000 Rs
Prize Shields/Medals 2 er months 300
Mat (12ft*12ft) 2 per 3 months 80
White Board 1 per 6 months 20

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