Get Involved

Let us ask you a very simple question “What makes You really Happy?”

1. Spending Rs 200-300 every Weekend on a Movie. 2. Spending same time and money in a peaceful place Teaching and playing with some 10-15 small kids and see them enchanting and admiring you. Here is the Opportunity. Happiness matters to us the most because that’s what makes life worth living. CLAP for yourself to feel true Happiness.

CLAP : “Contribute as much as you can”. Live the Moment. Aspire to Inspire. Participate the way it suits you. “Do you believe, Unprivileged Ones deserve better life? Do you wish to be a change?” Join hands in this mission which take you towards achieving Wisdom, Prosperity and Satisfaction.

Guidance on Activities: We will be completely guiding and assisting with everything you wish to do. To start with you may also choose few of activities option that we follow depending upon time we dedicate per week and the age of kids we meet to

Engage them : Choose Schedule Learning 40% and games 60% or 50-50 or 60-40. In learning we talk about basic things like Environment (mountains, rivers, oceans, geographies, animal, tress, birds), Solar system, mobile and computers. In Game time we Ask for kids hobbies, there likes and dislikes and sometimes get to know some unthinkable interesting things which amaze us. We get them to play both types, some physical constructive games and some mind and observation games.

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