Our Objective


1.To provide primary education to children of Slum Area.

2. Motivate parents to send their ward to school.

3. Help poor children in going school by providing them financial aid

4. To teach All Importance of Education In Life.

5.Teach them about Cleanliness, Environment and Sanitation.

Currently we are focusing on these objective and when we will be able to achieve them , then we will implement some more objectives related to agriculture .

How you can help as a member:

Unity is strength”and at “Sarva Jana Hitaya” we believe it as our campaign is for our mother INDIA. Hence, we need more people joining hands together because we want to see INDIA a beautiful and healthy place, where everyone has facility of education, proper health and healthy environment. If you are interested in working any of above objectives please do register on our website and we will contact you soon.

What you will get:

1. A team which will stand with you all the time in any kind of situation.

2. Blessings from poor children and community people.

3. Your identity on grows as “Socially Responsible” person.

4. A certificate from “Sarva Jana Hitaya”.

Working Process:

Identify a community which needs improvement based on above objectives. As soon as you register, somebody from our end will come to your area and provide you initial start. Then you take the lead there and continue to improve the community. We will help you in all possible ways. It’s not necessary that you have to provide us money; WE value your physical presence equivalently.

Battle Ground:

Currently we are working on weekends but we want this thing to be happen on regular basis. For now we are working in one community but we have seen many other communities that need same kind of support. Please come forward and join us so that we can bring smile on lot of faces. So, if someone is interested in it on week-days and he needs some funds to do it we are ready to provide help.

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